But What If?

Let's start a conversation...

Join us each month as we discuss a topic, and look at why people think the way they do. Come and tell us what you think over a meal and dessert.
There are two sessions, an evening sesion to which everyone is invited, and a daytime session particularly aimed at retirees.

Is Anyone Out There?

7:30pm, Saturday 12th October

Why Me?

12:00pm, Wednesday 16th October
7:30pm, Saturday 9th November

Dates and times of the next sessions are:

12:00pm, Wednesday 13th November

7:30pm, Saturday 9th January 2020
12:00pm, Wednesday 13th January 2020

7:30pm, Saturday 8th February
12:00pm, Wednesday 12th February

7:30pm, Saturday 14th March
12:00pm, Wednesday 18th March

Find out more by visiting the But What If? website.

Is Anyone Out ThereDetails of the next session 'Is Anyone Out There?' are:

Date: 12th October 2019
Time: 7:30pm
Venue: Cheam Baptist Church Main Hall

If you would like to come along and discuss:
Is there a God?
How would we know?
Does it even matter either way?

Please contact:
Nic Bianchi for the Saturday course  via email at nic.bianchi@cheambaptist.net
Jayne Williams for the Wednesday course via email at jayne.williams@cheambaptist.net